Template Engine

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Template Engine



With the integration of a Template engine in Exchange Server Toolbox, it is now possible to use variables in diverse actions. Almost everywhere, where an action needs a text parameter, you can use the "Add variable" button to add a variable, which then will be evaluated at runtime.





Current clock time (format is system specific)


Current date (format is system specific)


Current date and time (format is system specific)


The message ID of the email.


The time a message was received


The IP of the server your Exchange Server got the email from.


Indicates whether the delivery of the email was aborted - [true,false]


Indicates whether the email was refused by the server - [true,false]


If the email contains a virus, the value of the variable is the virus name.


Indicates whether the email has a virus - [true,false]


Indicates whether this is a spam email - [true,false]


Outputs the spam assassin's spam report.


Spam Confidence Level: for more information click here.


The path, where the email has been saved.


The spam assassin's value, rating the incoming email as spam or no spam.


The html source code of the message body


The plain text of the message body


List of the SMTP recipients of the email.


The size of the email (in kB).


The subject of the email.


The sender of the email.


The SMTP sender of the email.