Android Network Device

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Android Network Device

The "Android Network Device" represents an Android device with the ServerSentinel Notification Gateway app which is connected over the network. The app can be downloaded as APK from our website.

General Settings


The name of the hardware device (max. 255 characters). Choose a meaningful name to clearly identify the device.


An optionally description for the device (max. 255 characters).

Application Settings


Here you can choose a host in your network on which the ServerSentinel app is running. Also you can enter the host name or its IP address manually (max. 255 characters).


The port which is used to communicate with the device. Needs to be identical with the port configured in the device running the ServerSentinel app (max. 255 characters).


The available credit of the device.


If you do not want to rely on the network connection of your device, you can set up port forwarding to establish a connection via USB. This can be accomplished using the command
adb forward tcp:<local> tcp:<remote> of adb.exe which is provided in the Android SDK, where local is the port configured in the device in ServerSentinel and remote equals the port configured in the Android application.

The device needs to have USB debugging enabled and to be connected to the system which ServerSentinel is running on.

USB connection note

If ServerSentinel is running on a virtual machine there may be additional steps required to make the device accessible in the software.