GSM Modem

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GSM Modem

The "GSM Modem" represents a hardware device which is used to send SMS via mobile phone or UTMS stick (see hints below)).

It is suggested to use a SIM card with prepaid charge or SMS flatrate.


Windows must recognize the device as a seriell modem so ServerSentinel can use it. You can check this in the Device Manager. Here you can also check which COM port and baud rate is used by the device.

General Settings


The name of the hardware device (max. 255 characters). Choose a meaningful name to clearly identify the device.


An optionally description for the device (max. 255 characters).

Device Settings

Baud Rate

Here you can set the baud rate used by ServerSentinel to communicate with the device. It must not be the same value as in the Device Manager.

If you encounter connection problem, it can help to chance the baud rate.

COM Port

Here you can set the COM port used by the device.


The available credit of the device.

UMTS-Stick Hints

Not every UMTS-Stick is compatible with ServerSentinel. It is necessary that the UMTS-Stick supports the GSM network and Windows recognizes it as a modem. An indication that SMS messaging is possible in the product description is no guarantee that the UMTS stick is compatible, because messaging may be only possible over the software supplied with the UMTS stick.

Furthermore, it is currently necessary to disable the PIN for the SIM card. You can do this either via the supplied software of the UMTS stick or by sticking the SIM card into a mobile phone and changing it there.

Compatible UMTS-Sticks

Huawei E173 Data Stick (USB 2.0) (E173u-2)

T-Mobile Web'n'Walk Stick IV Surfstick

Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick K3565-Z

This list is not a complete list. It contains only devices of which we know that they are compatible. Depending on the hardware revision of these devices it is possible that they may also not work.

If you use/tested other UTMS sticks, please let us know what kind of UMTS stick it is (exact model) and whether they are compatible or not so we can add them to the list. Thank you.

USB connection note

If ServerSentinel is running on a virtual machine there may be additional steps required to make the device accessible in the software.