Bash Script

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Bash Script

A Bash script which can be executed by the SSH sensor.

Regular expressions:

To get the value of a specific group as the result, the group must be named using the identifier 'value', e.g. '...(?<value>...)...'. If the regular expression contains only anonymous groups, the first one will be used as the result. If the expression has no group, the whole match will be used as the result.


The name to identify this script.


The content which should be executed.

To pass parameters to the script positional parameters ($1, $2, eg.) may be used. Their values can can be assigned individually in the specific sensor.


The values which should be extracted from the output stream of the script using regular expressions and made available in the collected data of the sensor. The selected data type decides how the extracted value is handled and what operators are available when the value is used in a condition.