Directory Sensor (Windows)

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Directory Sensor (Windows)

With the help of the Directory Sensor you can monitor local as well as distant folders and their properties of a Windows system.

Since the examination of a folder can be time-consuming based upon size, the disk space manager SpaceObServer (further information: here) can be used if it is installed. When the folder is requested for the first time, a new scan will be executed by SpaceObServer (incl. creation of a schedule), if needed. The data will be saved in a separate database and then delivered to ServerSentinel.


If a scan already exists for the target folder, please make sure an appropriate schedule is defined because the sensor obtains all its data from SpaceObServer in this case. An automatic creation of a schedule is not available at the moment.

If SpaceObServer is not installed, the folder will be opened manually. Note that that check interval should be set based upon folder size.

This feature is only available if SpaceObServer V6.0 Enterprise Edition (x64) or SpaceObServer V6.0 Remote Client (x64) in installed on the same host as the ServerSentinel service.


Sensor Tasks

Test Sensor

Tests the current sensor settings.

Get Help

Opens the ServerSentinel online help for the current sensor.

Basic Settings


The name of the sensor (max. 100 characters). Choose a meaningful name to clearly identify the sensor.

Sensor is Active

Toggles the sensor ON/OFF.

Check Interval

The interval or times at which which the sensor should perform its checks.


The sensor performs its checks every x time units, e.g. every 10 minutes.


The sensor performs its checks daily at one or more (max. 4) fixed times, e.g. daily at 0 and 12 o'clock.


The sensor performs its checks at certain days of the weeks at one or more (max. 4) fixed times, e.g. monday to friday at 12 o'clock.


The sensor performs its checks at certain days of the month at one or more (max. 4) fixed times, e.g. every 1st of the month at 12 o'clock.

Only check if this Sensor didn't fail

This sensor will only be checked, if the sensor in the drop down list didn't fail.

Further Information


Short additional information to the sensor (max. 255 characters).

Folder Options

Folder Path

The path of the folder which should be monitored (max. 1024 characters).


Here you can either select an existing credential set or create a new one by inserting a display name, an username and a password.


Meta Data Values

Data Value

Data Type




The time the dataset has been created.

Exception Message


The message of the error if any occurred.

Response Time


The response time needed to perform the check.



A status string that may contain arbitrary information that was collected by the sensor (max. 255 characters). Per default this value is empty.

Status Flag


The status of the sensor after the check has been performed.

Data Values

Data Value

Data Type


Allocated Size


The allocated size of the folder.

Creation Time


The creation data of the folder.

Full Path


The full path to the folder that is scanned.

Last Access


The date when the folder was last accessed.

Last Change


The date when the folder was last changed.

Number of Directories


The number of directories in the folder.

Number of Files


The number of files in the folder.



The size of the folder.