Action View Ribbon

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Action View Ribbon

The action view ribbon gives you different options to create, edit or sort actions. It has got three tabs - Home, View and Help.

Home Ribbon




Show a list of actions which you can choose the action you want to create from.


Open a configuration dialogue for the selected action.


Delete the selected action. Multiple selection is possible

Service Controller

Start Service

Starts the ServerSentinel service.

Stop Service

Stops the ServerSentinel service.


View Ribbon



Detail Area

Show or hide the detail area.


Time Unit

Select a unit to display the time in (Auto, Milliseconds, Seconds, Minutes). Auto will use the highest possible unit which allows the value to be greater equals 1.

Size Unit

Select a unit to display the size in (Auto, Bytes, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte). Auto will use the highest possible unit which allows the value to be greater equals 1.

Current View

Sort By

Allows you to sort the view ascending or descending after a column.

Group By

Allows you to group the view using one or more columns or to clear the grouping.

Add/Remove Column

Allows you to add or remove the visible columns from the view.


Help Ribbon


Show Help

Show Help

Opens the help file for this program.

Show PDF Help

Opens the PDF help for this program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Opens the "Frequently Asked Questions" section in the help file.



Shows version and contact information.

Check For Update

Checks for updates.

What's New?

Opens the "What's New?" section in the help file.


Change Installation Key

Opens a dialogue where you can change the installation key.

Extend Maintenance

Opens the browser and navigates to customer area where you can extend your maintenance.