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IJamShellControl Properties
IJamShellControl Properties
The TJamShellLink instance to which the current control connected. 
Adjust the size of the given column so that it fills the remaining horizontal space.  
The delay in ms after the selection has been changed before connected controls are informed. Default 100 ms.  
Gets the collection of all column headers that appear in the control.  
Sets the column width that is used in ViewStyle vsList  
Determines whether the control's image is rendered directly to the window or painted to an in-memory bitmap first.  
The TJamIconSize that shall be used in viewstyle vsIcon.  
Lets you control the spacing between the large icons and thumbnails. -1 means the spacing is automatically set. A value >= 0 will be added to the width and height of the images of the current view. The small icons should not be affected by this property. 
This event is triggered after the columns were created 
OnCreateItemClass occurs when a list item object is about to be created.  
Specifies where a control looks for its font information. 
Prevents operations that change the file system from being executed.  
Automatically display the shell context menu.  
Use this property to determine if the header conext menu should be displayed when the user right clicks on the columns 
Use the same styles as the Windows Explorer.  
The version number of the ShellBrower controls.