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TJamCheckableListItem Properties
TJamCheckableListItem Properties
AbsoluteItemIdList returns a pointer to a fully qualified ItemIdList of the current object.  
If this property is set to true, the corresponding file or folder will be marked as checked and added to the TJamSelectionList. If it set to false, it will be marked as unchecked and automatically removed from the TJamSelectionList.  
This property is used to determine, if it is fully, partially or not checked.  
Indicates whether the item has been initialized. 
Indicates the list view control that displays the list item. 
Use the property Path to get the fully qualified path of the current object.  
Use the property Path to get the full qualified path of the current object.  
Get or set the subitems of the current item.  
Defines the color of the text of this item. 
Returns the number of files of the current object.  
Returns the size of current object.  
Returns true while the item's path is being checked.  
Specifies options that control autocompletion. 
The number of free bytes on the drive. 
Returns true, if the path represented by this item seems to be available; false if the state hasn't been determined yet or if appears to be unavailable.  
A double value between 0.0 and 100.0 which represents the percent of free space on the drive. 
The total number of bytes on the drive.