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TCustomBreadCrumbControl Properties
TCustomBreadCrumbControl Properties
Determines how the control aligns within its container (parent control).  
Specifies the appearance and behavior of the form border.  
Specifies if the items are in the ButtonDown state.  
Specifies the background color of the control.  
Specifies the hint value of the combo button.  
Specifies the image index used if an item does not have an image.  
Specifies if the control is in edit mode.  
Gets the currently displayed image index.  
Specifies if the control has a combo button.  
Specifies the vertical size of the control in pixels.  
Determines if the mouse is hovering over the control.  
Specifies the image list used to display item glyphs.  
Gets the breadcrumb item that has currently the focus.  
A collection of bread crumb items.  
Occurs when the control goes into edit mode.  
Occurs when the user clicks the control.  
Occurs when the user clicks on the combo box button.  
Occurs if Path has changed.  
Occurs when the control is resized.  
Determine the number of items that have been overflowed.  
Determines where a control looks for its color information.  
Specifies where a control looks for its font information.  
Path represents the items as a string.  
Specifies the minimal amount of space, in pixels, between the last item and the combo button.  
Allow Windows error messages.  
Specifies the rendering style of the control.  
Specifies the amount of space, in pixels, to the left and right of captions.  
Set this property to true if you want the component to utilize the default system font.  
The current version of the ShellBrowser components.