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JamSystemShellView.TJamShellViewColumns Members
Public Methods
Constructor for a TJamShellViewColumns instance.  
Destructor for a TJamShellViewColumns instance.  
TJamShellViewColumns Methods
Adds a single TShellColumnId item to the list.  
Adds a range of TShellColumnId items to the list.  
Resizes all visible columns to the auto-size width.  
Checks if a TShellColumnId item exists in the list.  
Resizes all visible columns to the default-size width.  
Gets the captions of the columns that are shown/available in the current view in their order of appearance as TStrings.  
Hides the specified column.  
Inserts a single TShellColumnId item into the list.  
Inserts a range of TShellColumnId items into the list.  
Moves a single TJamShellViewColumn item inside the list.  
Refreshes the internal column list.  
Removes the specified column.  
Commits visual column changes in the current IShellView.  
Shows the specified column.  
TJamShellViewColumns Properties
Gets or sets the column the view is sorted by.  
Gets or sets the sort direction of the current view.  
Gets the count of the visible sort colums.