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TJamChooseFolder Properties
TJamChooseFolder Properties
Represents the caption of the action. 
Specifies if the action is enabled or diaabled. 
Keeps the integer context ID that identifies the Help topic for the action. 
Keeps whether to use the HelpContext or HelpKeyword property to identify the Help topic. 
Stores the Help hint text. 
Stores an index in a list of images. 
Event that occurs when the user has chosen a folder and confirmed the dialog with OK. 
Event that occurs when the mouse pauses over a client control or menu item. . 
Stores shortcuts (in addition to ShortCut) for triggering the action. 
The path that the user has chose ot that should be used as initially chosen path. 
Keyboard shortcut that triggers the action. 
Specifies if the action is visible to the user.