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Jam.Shell.Types.IItemIdList Members
ICommandInvokable Methods
Executes a shell command on the objects selected in the control.  
Compares the given ItemIdList to this instance by their name 
Concatenates this instance and the given ItemIdList to a new one. 
Creates a new folder inside the folder represented by the current instance.  
Returns the number of elements in this ItemIdList. 
Returns a string for this item suitable for displaying 
Returns a string representing the path for this item suitable for displaying. 
Returns True if the given ItemIdList is the same as this instance. 
Returns the last (relative) part of the ItemIdList. 
Returns the parent ItemIdList of this ItemIdList.  
Returns meta information on the item identified by this ItemIdList. 
Returns meta information on the item identified by this ItemIdList. 
Returns a beginning part of this ItemIdList. 
Checks if the object represented by this ItemIdList has the given attributes. 
Checks if the ItemIdList is relative or absolute. 
Checks if this ItemIdList refers to a folder. 
Returns if this instance contains a valid ItemIdList or not 
Checks if the given ItemIdList is a child ItemIdList of this instance. 
Returns true if the instance is resolved. In the case of TJamItemIdList this means that an ItemIdList that was created with a path has already been accessed.  
Returns true if the instance will very likely be slow. This affects e.g. iterating it using the TShellBrowser.Next method./> Currently SpecialFolder SF_Network and SF_Nethood are regarded as being slow.  
Returns if this ItemIdList one of the given special folders 
In case the this ItemIdList refers to a shell shortcut, we returns the target ItemdIdList; If not, we return self. 
Returns the physical name of the item represented by this ItemIdList 
Returns the file system path of this ItemIdList if it is a file system object. 
Reloads the ItemIdList by updating the ShellItem and reassigning the pidl. Turns non-functional ItemIdLists as they are sent by ShellNotifications into functional ones. 
Renames the file system object represented by this instance.  
Sets metadata of a file using the property system of Windows.  
Retrieves the IShellItem interface of this ItemIdList. 
Returns if this ItemIdList is a special folder 
Returns the actual Windows Pointer that is wrapped by this instance. It is needed to pass it to Windows API calls.