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Returns True if the given ItemIdList is the same as this instance.

function Equals(const pItemIdList2: IItemIdList; pComparison: TItemIdListComparison = ilcDisplay): Boolean; reintroduce;
const pItemIdList2: IItemIdList 
The ItemIdList that should be checked for equality 
pComparison: TItemIdListComparison = ilcDisplay 
Optional: The comparsion to perform. Default is ilcDisplay. Per default the ItemIdLists are compared by path. ilcDisplay: Equals returns true if both ItemIdLists share the same physical path.
ilcExact: Equals returns true if the ItemIdLists represent the exact same shell item, e.g. "This PCDesktop" and "Quick AccessDesktop" are regarded as different.

Boolean: True if they are equal, False otherwise

This method replaces the old Equals() method with the boolean parameter as second argument. When calling this method without a parameter it behaves like the old Equals(). If the old method was called with False as second argument the new should be called with ilcExact.