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Static factory method that returns an IItemIdList for the pPath that is passed.

class function Parse(pPath: UnicodeString; pWindowHandleForLogonDialog: THandle = 0; pCompleteScan: boolean = false): IItemIdList;
pPath: UnicodeString 
The path to the object for which the ItemIdList should be returned. Acceptable values are physical paths and special folder names. For UNC paths that need a login dialog you have to pass a window handle so that the dialog can be displayed. The path will be available through member Path even if it could not be resolved.  
pWindowHandleForLogonDialog: THandle = 0 
Optional window handle, which is needed as parent window handle in case a logon dialog should be shown. 
pCompleteScan: boolean = false 
If true, tries to resolve the path by scanning SF_DESKTOP and SF_DRIVES to also find localized paths like like "c:Programme (x86)".  

A valid IItemIdList if the path could be parsed, an invalid ItemIdList otherwise, check IItemIdList.IsInvalid

Example paths include the following (depending on OS Version): 


"Computer" or "My PC" 


For non-existing files setting parameter pCompleteScan to true might affect the performance negatively