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Reloads the ItemIdList by updating the ShellItem and reassigning the pidl. Turns non-functional (simple) ItemIdLists as they are sent by ShellNotifications into functional ones.

function Reload: Boolean;

True, if reloading the ItemIdList was successful or reloading is not suported by this type of ItemIdList / IShellItem. False if updating failed (e.g. because the associated item doesn't exist anymore)

If the ItemIdList cannot be reloaded because the element to refresh is not existing anymore, no internal data is changed, the old ItemIdList stays in place, but the function returns false. The ItemIdList should not be used anymore for performing operations. It can be used to retrieve the path of deleted items.  

On Vista, Reload might still work and return true, when the element has just been deleted, so it cannot safely be used to determine the existance of an item here.  

Note, that calling this method can cause delays, if the element it represents is slow or unreachable.