ShellBrowser Delphi Components Documentation

Executes a context menu command for all selected items.

function InvokeCommandOnSelected(const pCommand: TShellCommand): Boolean; virtual;
const pCommand: TShellCommand 
Name of the command, which should be executed.  

True, if the command was executed successfully, False otherwise.

Use InvokeCommandOnSelected to execute a command of the context menu on all selected items. Which commands are available depends on the selected object(s). Always available and most important are:  

TShellAction.saDefault Will execute the default action for a file and usually open it.  

TShellAction.saProperties Will show the properties dialog for the current object.  

TShellAction.saDelete Will delete the current object. If the current object is a file system object, it will be deleted to the recycle bin, if it is activated. The user will be asked, if he really would like to delete the object.  

TShellAction.saCopy This command copies the selected files to the clipboard.  

TShellAction.saCut Will cut the current object to the clipboard, the object will be moved with the next paste command.  

TShellAction.saPaste If files or folders have been cut or copied, this will paste these objects to the currently selected folder.