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The Unicode versions of several functions permit a maximum path length of approximately 32,000 characters composed of components up to MAX_PATH characters in length. To specify that kind of path, use the "\?" ("\?UNC" for UNC-Path) prefix for paths longer than MAX_PATH chars. This function prepares paths longer than 255 chars with the correct prefix.

class function GetUnicodeAPICallPath(const pPath: String; pPathIsCanonic: Boolean = False; pForce: Boolean = False): String; static;
const pPath: String 
The path to add the prefix to. 
pPathIsCanonic: Boolean = False 
Pass True here if you are sure that the given path is canonic (does not include any relative parts and is rooted). 
pForce: Boolean = False 
Pass True to add the unicode API call prefix to every given path. In case of False (default) the prefix is only added to paths longer 255 characters. 

String: The modified path if it is a long path (>MAX_PATH chars). The passed path otherwise

A path including this prefix has to be canonic, so if you pass false here the paths is checked and modified to a canonic path. This operation is kind of coasty, so if know for sure that your path is already canonic you should pass True here.