ShellBrowser Delphi Components Documentation

This unit contains types and common base classes.

This class is used as a property of the TJamFileList component. It is a collection of details for a file search, which can be initiated by the TJamFileList.  
Helper class to convert a TJamShellFolder to a path or displayname. 
Helper class to convert a TShellAction enum to either a label or a command 
Uniquely identifes a shell column or shell property. 
This type encapsulates a shell context menu command. 
This record type basically wraps the PropVariant system type. By supporting implicit conversion to a OleVariant the value can easily be cast to OleVariant compatible datatypes too.  
GUID for the IItemIdList interface. 
This interface can be implemented by classes allow to execute shell commands on they objects.  
Requires classes to implement a method providing information that can be used for debugging purposes.  
Interface for Windows Shell ItemIdLists. To create an IItemIdList use TJamItemIdList.Create
Interface which is allows to deal with multiple paths and ItemIdLists for that a common operation should be performed. This interace is implemented by the class TItemIdListCollection  
Interface that allows to retrieve metadata as string or plain value. 
Interface that can be implemented by classes that support supplying their content in a temporary file. 
This interface can be implemented by controls that show shell items. If done so, the TJamShellCommand standard action can be used with such controls.  
Interface that allows to retrieve metadata as OleVariant. 
Decides is files, folder or both should be included in the search results. 
Available modes to compare two IItemIdLists.  
This enumeration contains different formats to retrieve the IItemIdList.DisplayName of an ItemIdList.  
The level of information that can be specified in IHasDebugInfo.GetInfo.  
Each member constant stands for a special Windows folder:  
Direction for view sorting or grouping.  
Flags that specify options that are used to determine which files should be shown.  
An enumeration for shell context menu operations. 
The possible values for TColumnInfo.DisplayType.  
Event signature for Events passing an ItemIdList.  
Each member constant stands for a special Windows folder:  
Use different flags of the property to optimize the dialog for your work. Flags specifying the options for the dialog box.  
A set of TShellActions. 
An array of TShellColumnId