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Queries the free and total disk space for the given path.

function JamGetDiskFreeSpace(const pPath: string; out pTotalBytes: Int64; out pFreeBytes: Int64): Boolean;
const pPath: string 
A directory on the disk. If this parameter is NULL, the function uses the root of the current disk. If this parameter is a UNC name, it must include a trailing backslash, for example, "\MyServerMyShare". This parameter does not have to specify the root directory on a disk. The function accepts any directory on a disk.  
out pTotalBytes: Int64 
The total number of bytes on a disk. 
out pFreeBytes: Int64 
The total number of free bytes on a disk. 

Boolean: True if the operation was successful and the out paramters contain valid values; False otherwise.

This is a wrapper for the GetDiskFreeSpaceEx API call. Use GetLastError() to get the error code that occurred.