ShellBrowser Delphi Components Documentation

Returns the text which would be displayed in the Details view of the Windows Explorer.

function GetColumnText(const pColumnID: TShellColumnId; pHeader: Boolean): string; overload;
const pColumnID: TShellColumnId 
ID of the column. 
pHeader: Boolean 
true, if the column header text should be returned, false if the text for the currently active item should be returned.  

The text to display.

This method returns the text, which would be displayed in column col of the Explorer for the current object. If the second argument is true, the method returns the column title instead. Use GetColumnInfo to get additional information about the column. This method may not return the correct information for some special folders like the Dialup Network folder.

The following lines would show the size of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file:

ShellBrowser.ObjectName := 'C:Autoexec.bat';
Label1.Caption := ShellBrowser.GetColumnText(1, False);

This example prepares the column of a ListView to show the information of the current folder.

Title := fShellBrowser.GetColumnText(0, True);
while Length(Title)>0 do begin
  col := ListView.Columns.Add;
  col.Caption := Title;
  Title := fShellBrowser.GetColumnText(ListView.Columns.Count, True);