Installation and System Requirements

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Installation and System Requirements

System Requirements

Please see compatibility details here.


In order to install ShellBrowser WPF Components execute the setup file (depending on your version) and follow the instructions.


1.First, please choose your language version of ShellBrowser WPF Components. Choose "Next" to proceed.

2.When the Welcome page appears, choose "Next" to proceed.

3.Please read our license agreement and - if you agree with it - accept it. Choose "Next" to proceed.

4.Only for the Full Version: Please provide your installation password and choose "Next" to proceed. If you do not know the password, you will be able to find it in the customer's area of the JAM Software website.  Username and password for this area have been sent to you by e-mail after ordering our product. If you should be unable to login, please contact our support.

5.Choose a folder for the installation of ShellBrowser WPF Components. Make sure there is enough space left for it on your hard disc. Choose "Next" to proceed.

6.Choose a folder in the Start Menu for ShellBrowser WPF Components to appear in. Choose "Next" to proceed.

7.The Setup program will copy all necessary files to your hard disc and creates a new program group in the Start Menu. After clicking the "Finish" button, the installation is now complete.


After installation, you will find the ShellBrowser WPF Components assemblies in the "bin" subfolder of your installation path:

ShellBrowser.Core.dll: Contains non-visual functionality, that is used by the controls

ShellBrowserWPF.dll: Contains native WPF visual components

ShellBrowser.Winforms.dll: Contains additional controls that are based on and need Windows Forms to run.

In the debug subfolder you may find debug builds of the same assemblies; especially compared to the release assemblies in bin, a debug log is written, which might help to track down problems.

The "netcoreapp3.1" and "net5.0-windows" subfolders contain the assemblies for .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5.0 respectively.

The "NugetPackages" folder is registered as local NuGet repository during installation and contains the NuGet packages of ShellBrowser WPF Components.

For usage in Visual Studio see Usage in Visual Studio.

ShellBrowser WPF Components can be removed from your system using the Software applet in the Control Panel of Windows.