Setup guide for Office 365

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Setup guide for Office 365

This document will help you on configuring Office 365 as an SMTP server, working with SmartPOP2Exchange.


Office 365 SMTP-Relay Connector

To ensure smooth collaboration between Office 365 and SmartPOP2Exchange you must configure a connector on Office 365 to send emails using Office 365 SMTP Relay.

Click the following link for detailed instructions from Microsoft: Configure a connector to send mail using Office 365 SMTP relay

Summary of the configuration:

1.Determine the public (static) IP address from which SmartPOP2Exchange will work. A dynamic IP address is not supported.

2.Select Domains and make sure your domain is selected. Under Manage DNS find the MX record for your domain.

3.Open the Exchange Admin Center in Office 365. Go to Mail flow -> Connectors and create a new connector. For the IP address of the sender server enter the IP address you obtained in step 1.

4.Now that you are done with configuring your Office 365 settings go to your domain registrar's website to update your DNS records. Edit your SPF record. Include the IP address that you noted in step 1.

5.In SmartPOP2Exchange enter the POINTS TO ADDRESS-value of the MX entry from point 2 as SMTP / Exchange Server.

This is just a rough summary of the full configuration. For detailed information, please visit the Microsoft Help Center link above.