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In some countries there are laws about forwarding and processing email.


Please make sure that you don't configure SmartPOP2Exchange in such a way as that you might break the law.

(e.g. deleting spam mail).


For users whose email Service Provider works together with servers registered in the United States it is important to follow the German as well as the US laws.


The "email Privacy Act of 2004" as well as the "Stored Communications Act of 2007" ( differ from the German concepts of telecommunication secrets.


A user of an email service can only expect that their emails will remain confidential (expectation of privacy) if they allow the Service Provider zero or exactly defined access rights (e.g. only scanning Spam / Viruses without deleting or refusing suspicious messages).


For every access right that the user accepts per Rules of Use of the Service Provider they also lose their legally anchored expectation of privacy and are then only protected through the company's own Privacy Policy.


Moreover, a right of privacy expires automatically after a read (delivered) email remains on the Service Provider's server for more than 180 days. The access by strangers is then allowed without breach of law and can occur through the Service Provider without them having to inform the original owner of the email.