Usage of OAuth2

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Usage of OAuth2

Since SmartPOP2Exchange version 8.8 it is possible to use OAuth2 authentication for an Office365 or connection. This option was introduced because Microsoft has announced that it will deactivate the usual authentication currently used and only allow more modern authentication methods.

Account type:

To use OAuth2 authentication with Office365 or simply create a normal IMAP / POP account.

Note: only works with an IMAP account.

Authentication in SmartPOP2Exchange:

To use the account with OAuth2 it must be authorized in the cloud. After you have switched the authentication mode to either OAuth2 for Office365 or Outlook press the "Authorize" button.

You will then receive a dialog that provides you with a URL and then awaits an authentication code input.

The following steps will give you the required code:

1.Copy the URL to your browser.

2.Log in on the opened page with the Microsoft account that SmartPOP2Exchange should access.

3.On the following page, you give your consent that SmartPOP2Exchange can access the account with the rights displayed.

4.After that there are two options:

a.You will be taken to a page where the code is displayed and can easily be copied.

b.You just get a blank page. This is not a mistake. When you get to the empty page simply copy the complete URL from it from the URL line of your browser and paste it into our dialog. The dialog can extract the code from the URL.

If everything worked correctly your account is now authenticated for your Office365 connection.


Connection data:

The usual connection data for Office365 can be found here in the Microsoft Help.

For please use the following settings:

IMAP Server:

IMAP Port: 993

IMAP Security: SSL