Drive List

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Drive List


Paths to be searched

The fold-out drive overview allows you to select the drives and paths to be searched.


In the collapsed state, all paths that are currently selected for the search are displayed, as well as the explicitly pinned drives and folders. Additional paths can be added using the plus symbol. Paths that are displayed in the overview can also be edited with a single click, which allows you to quickly adjust a path without first unfolding the drive list.

When unfolded, the drive list shows a list of all available and previously used search paths. Use the item checkboxes of the individual drives to select which drives and folders should be searched by UltraSearch. Individual paths can be pinned to the drive list by clicking on the pin column or the menu item "Pin to list" in the context menu in order to display them permanently in the collapsed overview, regardless of whether they are currently activated for a search or not. In addition, both pinned drives and active drives are automatically indexed when the application starts. Additional functions are available via the context menu.

Additional paths and drives can be added using the buttons below. The left button allows to enter the path using the keyboard, the right button opens a dialog with a directory browser.