Useful Tips And Tricks

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Useful Tips And Tricks


Tip 1: Fast start with the operating system

If you start UltraSearch directly with the operating system, you have direct and fast access to the program at any time. Via 'Options > Application > Launch at Windows startup' you can start UltraSearch directly with the operating system. UltraSearch is then available at any time via the notification area on the right side of the taskbar.

Tip 2: Quick access via hotkey

The key combination 'Ctrl + Shift + U' allows you to bring UltraSearch to the foreground at lightning speed if necessary and you can start your search without delay. The key combination for calling UltraSearch can be changed at any time under 'Options > Application > Select hotkey'.

Tip 3: Skip user account control warning (UAC)

If the Windows User Account Control warning is displayed when you start UltraSearch, you can disable it via 'Options > Application > Skip User Account Control Warning'.


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