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We are proud of the popularity of our freeware UltraSearch and would love to offer it to users in their native languages.In this way, all our worldwide users can enjoy localized UltraSearch software with ease. UltraSearch is already available in German and English. Thanks to the help of our great volunteer translators we are able to provide these translations:

Chinese (Simplified): Thanks to streambun, Adrian Zhang, 偶爱偶家, CJKCHINA, Neptune, Zhihao Wang, and 4 anonymous translators

Czech: Thanks to Trasak Jiri, Lukáš Francálek, Azuráč, Fishbone, and 3 anonymous translators

Danish: Thanks to Erik Marcussen, Svend Heinesen, Thomas Vedel, and 3 anonymous translators

Dutch: Thanks to Jaap Kramer, Kees Bakker, Linda Bijlsma, Leroux, and 4 anonymous translators

French: Thanks to Alexandre Mongin, Simon Martin, Ignace Le Roux, Gaillard S-G, David Dissard, and 5 anonymous translators

Greek: Thanks to GeoVasi69, Prodromos Makridis, and 2 anonymous translators

Hungarian: Thanks to Peter Bartfai, and 5 anonymous translators

Italian: Thanks to Spigolo, Luciano Paravella, Fabrizio Picconi, Lionello Ferrazzini, Daniele Caputo, David Coen, Gioele Mattioli, bovirus, Andrea "Echo" Zoppi , Mario Corrado, Alberto Donzelli, Ivan Vaselli, Filippo Rubulotta, and 6 anonymous translators

Japanese: Thanks to Kyotaro Iijima, Tetsuro Shimazaki, and Sriram Iyer

Korean: Thanks to Seungsoo Choi, and 8 anonymous translators

Norwegian: Thanks to Simen Andreas Skogheim, Isaac Daasnes, and 2 anonymous translators

Polish: Thanks to Franciszek, Your Majesty Bartłomiej Rakowiecki, Bartosz Małolepszy (Grodków), Arkadiusz Kurzawa, Łukasz K., and 8 anonymous translators

Portuguese: Thanks to Ricardo Freitas, Maria Pombo, Ian Lima Souza, Carlos Figueiredo, and 3 anonymous translators

Russian: Thanks to kopejkin, Polina Morgan, Vladimir Skovoroda, Alexander Vorfolomeev, Temtaime, Gennady Morozov, and 2 anonymous translators

Slovenian: Thanks to Jadran Rudec, Boštjan Pečovnik, and one anonymous translator

Spanish: Thanks to J. M. Fustero, MS-PC, Fabián C. Rodríguez, and 4 anonymous translators

Vietnamese: Thanks to Nguyễn Lam, Vu Le, Minh Tuyen Nguyen, Đăng Huy, and one anonymous translator


Would you like to help us translate UltraSearch to your language? Please find more information online.