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The Exchange Server Toolbox now has the ability to export mails and their meta data from the archive to a folder.



EML Export


You can export EML files by selecting a date range (either manually by typing the start and end date or clicking the calendar symbol and selecting the dates from the popup), optionally filter the result by sender and / or recipient email address, and selecting the export location on disk. The path can be entered by using the folder browser dialog by clicking on the (folderBrowserButton)-button or by typing manually. By pressing TAB while typing the auto-completion feature provides you with accessible folder paths.


After entering a proper path to your EML files you can start the export process.


On the right hand side of the Exchange Server Toolbox there is a button labeled "Export Status". This opens a window in which the current progress and any error messages from the export are displayed. Clicking on the Exchange Server Toolbox closes the window.


If you want to display the progress window permanently, you can click the pin in the upper right corner of the window. You can minimize it again using the same button.


For more information about a completed export you can take a look at the log file generated in the folder you selected for export.

The folder will have a file named "EST-Export.txt" which shows information about each exported email.