Mail direction

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Mail direction

Special rules for direction detection

Here you can set special rules that override the ordinary direction detection. The order of the rules is as follows:

First it is checked if the custom header field is present.

If this is not the case, it is checked whether the sender has entered a fixed direction under "Host/IP to mail direction mappings".

If this is not the case either, the email direction is determined as usual (taking into account the settings under "General")



If the IP address or the email address of the sender are available locally, the email will be treated as Internal.


Custom Header

Emails whose headers contain the field specified here with the value also specified here are always treated as Incoming.


Host/IP to mail direction mappings

Here you can enter hosts and IPs whose email direction should always be the same. For example, you can enter your mail gateway as Incoming.



Add: Add a new host direction mapping

Edit: Edit the selected host direction mapping

Delete: Delete the selected host direction mapping