Mail delivery

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Mail delivery

Default mail server connection

Here you can configure the sender of all emails that the server sends because of an action defined in a rule. Enter the server IP here. The default port is 25. To select a specific email address, uncheck the "Anonymous Login" checkbox and enter the username and password. Now select the encryption used by your SMTP server.


Email Error Reporting

Enter the e-mail address to which a regular summary of all error messages should be sent.

The "Error Reporting" check box activates or deactivates error reporting and shows or hides the input fields. In the "From" and "To" fields you can select the email addresses from and to which the bug reports should be sent. The drop-down menu (open_drop_down_menu ) of these fields displays all email addresses from the Active Directory. Use the refresh button (reload_button ) to retrieve and update the entries again.

The content of the "Subject" field is used as the subject of the email.

The "Test" button sends a test e-mail with the specified data.



With this you option can send a test email.

As in "Email Error Reporting", select the sender and recipient addresses and enter a subject. Entering the server data works the same way as in "Default mail server connection".

The "Test" button sends a test email with the specified data.