Mail processing

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Mail processing

Performance and Resource usage

Here you can configure the processors used for email processing.


Number of idle message processors

Specifies how many processors remain active if no emails are currently received in order to react spontaneously to incoming emails.

Maximum number of message processors

Specifies the maximum number of processors that can be active. If the number is greater than the number of idle processors, they are started if necessary and are terminated again after successful email processing.

Maximum parallel processing per processor

Specifies the maximum number of emails a single processor can process simultaneously.

Maximum processor virtual memory usage

Specifies the maximum amount of memory a processor can use. If a processor exceeds this value, it is terminated.

Maximum processor life span in hours

Specifies the maximum number of hours a processor can run before it is terminated.


Verschlüsselte / signierte E-Mail-Behandlung

Changes to a signed or encrypted email can damage its signature or content. Here you can have changes to these emails discarded.


E-Mail Pozessor Statistik

Here you can see an overview of how many processors are currently active, how many emails they are currently processing, how many emails they have already processed, how much memory they are currently using and when they were created.