SNMP Action (Enterprise Edition only)

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SNMP Action (Enterprise Edition only)

The "SNMP Action" allows you to modify values on random network devices. To modify any value via ServerSentinel you have set the write access on the network device.

Please note that modifying a value via SNMP can cause several different actions on the network device. These action are different from device to device. If you want to set a value, it is important to declare which influence this action will have.

General Settings

Action is enabled

This option sets whether the action will be executed or not.


The name of the action (max. 255 characters). Choose a meaningful name to clearly identify the action.


An optionally description for the action (max. 512 characters).

Enable Logging

This option sets if the execution of the action should be logged to the action log.

Connection Settings


Here you can choose a network device which you want to control. Also you can enter the name of the network devices or its IP address manually.


Here you can set the port used by the network device for communication.


Here you can set the community value as defined in the network device.


Here you can set which SNMP version shall be used.


Here you can either select an existing credential object or create a new.

OID Settings


Here you see the OIDs of the network device. In the grid you can also set the new Value for the OID.


With this button you can add addtional OIDs which shall be set.


With this button you can remove selected OIDs from the grid.


Here you can browse the network device for OIDs. This might take some time.