Syslog Action

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Syslog Action

The "Syslog Action" allows you to send syslog messages to a specified server.

General Settings

Action is enabled

This option sets whether the action will be executed or not.


The name of the action (max. 255 characters). Choose a meaningful name to clearly identify the action.


An optionally description for the action (max. 512 characters).

Enable Logging

This option sets if the execution of the action should be logged to the action log.

Connection Settings


The destination hostname (max. 255 characters)


The destination port

Message Settings

Message Template

The template of the message. (max 3999 characters)

Advanced Settings


The transfer protocol for the communication with the server.

Separation Method

The method that defines how messages are separated from each other.

Octet Counting (recommended, separation by counting bytes)

Non-Transparent-Framing (separation by line breaks)

This option is not available for UDP.


The format of the transmitted message:

RFC 3164 (older format with less information and without UTF support)

RFC 5424 (newer format, recommended)

Send UTF-8 encoded

Whether the message is sent UTF-8 encoded (alternative: ASCII-encoded).

This option is only available for RFC 5424.


The facility is used to specify the origin of the message.


The severity is used to specify how important the message is.


The message ID is optional and can be used to identify the type of the message.

This option is only available for RFC 5424.