TCP Action

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TCP Action

The "TCP Action" allows you to send TCP commands to a specified server.

General Settings

Action is enabled

This option sets whether the action will be executed or not.


The name of the action (max. 255 characters). Choose a meaningful name to clearly identify the action.


An optionally description for the action (max. 512 characters).

Enable Logging

This option sets if the execution of the action should be logged to the action log.

Connection Settings


Here you can enter the name or IP address of the server you want to send the commands to.


Here you can set the port which the server uses for communication.

Command Settings


Here you can set the command which will be sent to the server.

Wait for input

With this option you can set if the action should wait for the server to respond after each command.


Here you can set how long the action should wait for a respond from the server until a timeout occurs.