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TJamBaseSelectionList Methods
TJamBaseSelectionList Methods
This procedure adds a path to the list of selected paths.  
Clears list of paths. 
Returns true if the list is empty. 
With this procedure you can load an existing selection list from an ini file. You may pass the section name as second parameter. 
Use this procedure to remove an item from a selection list.  
Save the selection list to an INI-file.  
This procedure adds a path to the list of selected paths.  
Adds an ItemIdList to the selection.  
Prevents updating of connected shell controls until EndUpdate method is called.  
Converts a boolean value to a selection state.  
Call clear to switch all checkboxes of all connection shell controls to the state ssUnchecked.  
Returns smallest complete selected path. 
Returns smallest complete selected path as ItemIdList. 
Creates a new empty file.  
Reenables screen repainting of connected shell controls that was turned off with the BeginUpdate method.  
This is a wrapper for the Windows API FindFirstFile() function.  
Enumerates all files of the current selection.  
Ensure that all directories in the given path exist.  
Returns the parent path of the given path. 
The Unicode versions of several functions permit a maximum path length of approximately 32,000 characters composed of components up to 255 characters in length. To specify that kind of path, use the "\?"("\?UNC" for UNC-Path) prefix. This function prepares the path with the correct prefix.  
Checks is the given path is a file in the file system. 
Checks is the given path is a file system folder. 
Checks if the given object should be ignored when enumerating a directory. 
Retrieves the TJamSelectionState of the passed path.  
Checks if given ItemIdList is part of the selection.  
Searches the path in the selected files and if found, replaces it by its new name.  
Remove item from selection list using the full qualified path.  
Removes the item that belongs to the given ItemIdList from selection list. 
Reset enumeration of all files of the current selection.  
Returns a string with all paths in the selection list.