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IJamShellControl Properties
IJamShellControl Properties
The TJamShellLink instance to which the current control connected. 
Popup menu for a right click on the background of the view.  
Determines whether the list view displays a single line border.  
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control displays checkboxes that can be used to set the selection. After that the "Select" methods like SelectItem or DeselectItem can be used to check or uncheck items in the view.  
Gets or sets a value indicating if column headers should be shown. Per default column headers are only visible if ViewStyle is vsDetails.  
Gets or sets TJamShellViewColumns.  
Sets the new default text to be displayed when the ExplorerBrowser view is empty.  
Use FileSystemOnly to determine if only file system objects should be displayed.  
Allows you to filter objects by filename patterns.  
Gets or sets the current folder.  
Sets up some TJamShellFolderFlags for the view.  
Gets or sets the view grouping.  
Gets or sets the group direction.  
Gets or sets the number of visible rows of items in each group.  
The height and width of icons in pixels. Only reasonibly applies in ViewStyle vmIcon  
Use Item to directly access an item in the list.  
Read ItemCount to determine the number of items that are in the folder.  
Set this property to True to allow Ole Drag-and-Drop operations with the Windows Explorer and other shell controls.  
Occurs before the full refresh is executed.  
Occurs if the underlying view has changed.  
Occurs after user performs a double click or hits the enter key.  
Occurs when the user drags a file out of the selected control.  
Occurs when navigating to a folder has been completed successfully.  
Occurs when navigating to a folder has failed.  
The OnPathChanged event occurs, when the users changes the path.  
The OnPopulated event occurs, after the control was filled completely.  
Occurs when selection has changed.  
The file system path of the current folder.  
Returns the selected Item or nil if nothing is selected.  
Gets the number of currently selected items in the view.  
Provides access to the names of the selected files.  
Indicates the position of the list item in the list items collection.  
Contains the selected item collection in the current view. The collection is gathered upon first retrieval. It is updated internally when the items change, i.e. by moving to another folder. The items returned may be sorted differently than the view.  
Connects this component to a TJamShellLink in order to synchronize several shell controls.  
Gets the IShellView of the current folder view.  
Allow Windows error messages.  
This property allows to include files in the view.  
This property allows to display folders or not.  
This property allows to hide files or folders.  
This property allows to change the look and the objects displayed.  
Allows you to deal with non file system folders.  
The current version of the ShellBrowser components.  
Determines how the list items are displayed.