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IShellCommandInvokable Events
IShellCommandInvokable Events
This event occurs, before a shell context menu command is executed.  
Occurs if a new folder is added.  
This event occurs, before a context menu command is executed.  
Happens when the user starts a shell drag operation.  
Allows you to prevent unwanted shell drops.  
This event occurs, if the user has selected a menu item of the shell context menu.  
This event will be triggered, if the user cancels the rename of a folder and so the name remains unchanged.  
The OnOperation event occurs after the TJamShellTreeView executed a shell operation like pasting or dragging and dropping folders.  
This event will be triggered whenever the selection changes.  
Allows you to influence the Drop Operation that is performed when dropping a shell item.  
This event is triggered before and after the sort. 
This event is fired, if the state of a checkbox was changed by the user.  
Event occurs when a folder is added or updated.