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Adds an item to this control.

function InsertItem(pIndex: Integer; pIndent: Integer; const pItemIdList: IItemIdList; pIconNumber: Integer = -1; const pCaption: UnicodeString = ''): Integer; overload;
pIndex: Integer 
The index at which the item should be added. 
pIndent: Integer 
The indent which should be used for the item. 
const pItemIdList: IItemIdList 
The file system path of the item. 
pIconNumber: Integer = -1 
[optional]The icon number in the system image list that should be used for displaying with this item, 
const pCaption: UnicodeString = '' 
[optional] The caption which should be used for the item. I non is specified, the display name will be used. 

the index of the newly added item.

This function is used by SpaceObServer and should therefore remain public

Use this method to add a folder to the combo box. The folder may be displayed with a certain indent, the indent is not measured in pixel, it is measured in indent steps, like in a TreeView control.