ShellBrowser Delphi Components Documentation

This unit contains types and clases for using our worker-threadpool.

Rich record that provides an ICancellationToken on demand and requires no initialization. 
An static helper for IWorkItems
Use this work item to execute an anonymous procedure or method in a parallel way
These work items will be queued into the GlobalThreadPool of ShellBrowser. 
Base class that implements the IWorkItem inerface. 
Implementation for an ICancellationToken. As type for a class member better use the CancellationToken rich record. 
Base class for implementing an ICancellationToken
This work item helps to delay the call to a method. The method must not have paramters. The work item adds itself to the global thread pool of ShellBrowser. The metod will be called synchronized.  
Base class to implement a future that calculates a result asynchronously. The generic parameter defines the result type. 
Class containing threadsafe functions similar to System.SyncObjs.TInterlocked  
Static helper class for IWorkerThreadPool
Record that allows to configure a newly created IWorkerThreadPool
Allows to query if an operation was canceled. 
Propagates notification that operations should be canceled. 
This interface gives access to the result of an asynchronous operation. 
This marker interface can be implemented by workitems that must not be interrupted, e.g. because they perform a long lasting file write operation. 
Allows to pause work.  
Interface that can be implemented by classes that can be terminated or aborted.  
interface that ecapsulates a worker treadpool to that IWorkItems can be added. 
This interface must be implemented by classes that should be added top a  
The priorities work-items can have. 
The states in that a task or workitem can be in. 
An array of IWorkItems. 
Event that is fired whn all work items in a threadpool finished their work.  
A callback event that is fired in case an IWorkItem has finished its work.