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Returns a bitmap showing the icon for a given icon number.

class function GetAsBitmap(pImageList: TCustomImageList; aIconNumber: Integer; aHeigth: Integer = -1; aWidth: Integer = -1; BorderColor: TColor = clSilver; BackgroundColor: TColor = clNone; pStretch: Boolean = false): TBitmap;
pImageList: TCustomImageList 
The image list from which the image should be taken.  
aIconNumber: Integer 
The icon number.  
aHeigth: Integer = -1 
The height of the thumbnail. Optional, by default the height of the image list is used.  
aWidth: Integer = -1 
The width of the thumbnail. Optional, by default the width of the image list is used.  
BorderColor: TColor = clSilver 
Specifies the color of the border of the bitmap  
BackgroundColor: TColor = clNone 
Specifies the color of the background of the bitmap  
pStretch: Boolean = false 
If true, the image is stretched to fill the space passed in aWidth/aHeight. If false(default) the image is centered in the available space. 

A TBitmap that was created from the given icon number.

This method returns a bitmap of the icon in the given sizes for the passed icon number. A frame with a width of 1 pixel will be drawn as a border around the bitmap in the color specified by the parameter BorderColor. The background color of the bitmap can be specified by the optional parameter BackgroundColor.