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ShellSystemList Events

The ShellSystemList type exposes the following members.

Public eventAddItem
This event occurs if a SystemListItem is to be added to the list. If the "CanAdd" property of the event args is set to false in an event handler, the item will not be added to the listview.
Public eventBeforeFullRefresh
Public eventDefaultAction
This event occurs if the user triggers the default command, e.g. double clicked on an item.
Public eventInitialized
This event occurs after the Designer generated code has set all required properties.
Public eventOperationPerformed
This event is fired after a ShellSystemList executed a shell operation like pasting.
Public eventPathChanged
This event occurs if the path changed that the systemlistview displays.
Public eventPopulated
This event occurs if the listview gets populated.
Public eventSelectionChanged
This event occurs, if a selection changed in the listview
Public eventShowOptionChanged
This event is fired after an option changed. It happens if ShowHidden, ShowNetHood, ShowRecycleBin, ShowFiles or ShowFolders was changed.
Public eventViewChanged
This event happens if the View of the ImageList changed, either because it was set explicitly or if the user used the context menu to change to a different view.
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