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CustomFolderComboBox Methods

The CustomFolderComboBox type exposes the following members.

Protected methodAdjustTextBoxSize
Adjusts the size of the edit field so that it is inside the combo box.
(Inherited from CustomEditComboBox.)
Public methodBeginInit
Signals the object that initialization is starting.
(Inherited from CustomEditComboBox.)
Protected methodCustomFolderComboDrawItemHandler
This is the event handler registered to DrawItem(Control, DrawItemEventArgs, Boolean) it displays the items as files or folders
Public methodEnableSystemStyles
Sets system specific behaviour, i.e. FullRowSelect in Vista and upwards.
(Inherited from CustomEditComboBox.)
Public methodEndInit
Signals the object that initialization is complete.
(Inherited from CustomEditComboBox.)
Protected methodOnCreateControl (Inherited from CustomEditComboBox.)
Protected methodOnHandleCreated
This event is triggered after the handle of the control was created.
(Inherited from CustomEditComboBox.)
Protected methodOnOverlayResize
This method is called from the OverlayTextBox.Resize Event. It calls the AdjusTextBoxSize method.
(Inherited from CustomEditComboBox.)
Protected methodOnShowOptionChanged
This method needs to be called if a a ShowOption changed.
Protected methodOnSizeChanged
This event is triggered after the size of the combobox changed. Fixes bug #4397.
(Inherited from CustomEditComboBox.)
Protected methodSetFont
Sets the font without adjusting other properties.
(Inherited from CustomEditComboBox.)
Protected methodUpdateOverlayTextBox
Updates the Text of the OverlayTextBox by either setting the items caption or the items path depending on the ShowFullPath property
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodHandleNeeded
A Control extension method that ensures that the handle for a control is created.
(Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
Public Extension MethodScaledPixels
An extension method for controls: It scales the passed pixels according to the current dpi the control is displayed with.
(Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
Public Extension MethodScaleFont
A Control extension method that scales font according to the passed factor.
(Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
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