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ShellAddressBar Methods

The ShellAddressBar type exposes the following members.

Public methodBeginInit
Begins an initialize.
Public methodEndInit
Ends an initialize.
Public methodFolderChanged
Folder changed.
Public methodFullRefresh
Triggers a full refresh for all connected controls.
Public methodGoUp
Move in all connected controls from the current to the parent folder.
Protected methodOnBeforePathChange
Raises the BeforePathChange event.
Protected methodOnCreateControl (Overrides ContainerControlOnCreateControl.)
Protected methodOnFontChanged
Raises the FontChanged event.
(Overrides ContainerControlOnFontChanged(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnHandleCreated
Raises the HandleCreated event.
(Overrides ControlOnHandleCreated(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPathSelected
Executes the path selected event.
Public methodRefresh(RefreshLevel)
This method indicates that the control should perform a refresh of its contents.
Public methodRefresh(RefreshLevel, ItemIdList)
This method indicates that the control should perform a refresh of its contents.
Protected methodScaleControl
Scales a control's location, size, padding and margin.
(Overrides ScrollableControlScaleControl(SizeF, BoundsSpecified).)
Public methodSelectedFileChange
Selected file change.
Protected methodSetBoundsCore
Performs the work of setting the specified bounds of this control.
(Overrides ControlSetBoundsCore(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, BoundsSpecified).)
Protected methodSetFont
Sets the font without adjusting other properties.
Protected methodShouldSerializeRootedAtFileSystemFolder
Determine if we should serialize RootedAtFileSystemFolder.
Public methodSmartRefresh
Triggers a smart refresh for all connected controls.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodHandleNeeded
A Control extension method that ensures that the handle for a control is created.
(Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
Public Extension MethodScaledPixels
An extension method for controls: It scales the passed pixels according to the current dpi the control is displayed with.
(Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
Public Extension MethodScaleFont
A Control extension method that scales font according to the passed factor.
(Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
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