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Win32ShellContextMenuProvider Methods

The Win32ShellContextMenuProvider type exposes the following members.

Protected methodCreatePopupMenu
Creates popup menu.
Public methodExecuteCommand(ShellCommand)
Executes the command operation on the SourceItems .
Public methodExecuteCommand(ShellContextMenuCommand) Obsolete.
Executes the command operation on the SourceItems.
Protected methodStatic memberGetMenuCaption
Gets menu caption.
Protected methodHandleMenuItem
Handles the menu item described by pCommandId.
Protected methodOnAfterCommandExecute
Executes the AfterCommandExecute event.
Protected methodOnBeforeCommandExecute
Executes the BeforeCommandExecute event.
Protected methodOnRenameItemSelected
Fires the RenameItemSelected event
Protected methodRelease
Releases this object.
Public methodShowContextMenu
Shows the context menu at the specified location and executes the menu item the user has chosen.
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