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CustomEditComboBox Properties

The CustomEditComboBox type exposes the following members.

Public propertyFont
Gets or sets the font of the text displayed by the control and adapts UseSystemFont is set to false.
(Overrides ControlFont.)
Public propertyIsInitialized
Gets a value indicating whether the component is initialized.
Protected propertyOverlayTextBox
Provides access to the TextBox field of the control.
Public propertyShellAutoCompletionMode
This property controls the availability of the shells autocompletion mode, if set to FileSystem, Url or both, the ComboBox provides a TextField the user can type to. If disabled the default combobox behavior without editing functionality is used. Both, FileSystem and Url can be specified at once and are enabled by default. ShellAutoComplete.Url needs to be used to also provide autocompletion for UNC-Paths.
Public propertyUseSystemFont
Set this property to true if you want the component to utilize the default system font. It is also set to true if the UseSystemStyles property is set.
Public propertyUseSystemStyles
Use this property to turn on or off the usage of the system specific design, i.e. enable Vista visual styles of the explorer components.
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