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ItemIdList Properties

The ItemIdList type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCaption
Returns the display name of the object for that this ItemIdList stands for. This does not neccessarily return the complete filename of the object, refer to Path if this functionality is required.
Public propertyCount
Returns the number of parts this ItemIdList consists of.
Public propertyDisplayPath
Returns a string representing the path for this item suitable for displaying.
Public propertyIsExpandable
Gets a value indicating whether this object is expandable.
Public propertyIsFolder
Does this ItemIdList element represent a directory?
Public propertyIsInNetwork
true if this ItemIdList is part of the nethood; false
Public propertyIsInvalid
Returns true if the currently stored ItemIdList is valid; false otherwise;
(Overrides ItemIdListBase2IsInvalid.)
Public propertyIsRootOfNamespace
Returns true if the current ItemIdList is the root of the shell name space. This is commonly the "Desktop"
Public propertyIsSearchFolder
Gets a value indicating whether this object represents a search folder.
Public propertyIsSlow
Gets a value indicating whether this object is slow.
Public propertyLinkTarget
Gets the link target if the element represented by this ItemIdList is a link.
Public propertyName
Returns the physical name of the ItemIdList.
Public propertyParent
Returns the parent ItemIdList, or an invalid ItemIdList if no parent exists.
Public propertyParentPath
Returns the parent directory of the element represented by this ItemIdList.
Public propertyPath
The corresponding file system path of this ItemIdList. This property may be empty if the current ItemIdList does not belong to a file system object.
Public propertySpecialFolder
SpecialFolder allows you to get the type of the currently listed folder.
Public propertyWin32Ptr
Gets the window 32 pointer, i.e. the PIDL of the ItemIdList.
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