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ShellBrowser Properties

The ShellBrowser type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAbsoluteItemIdList
This property should only be used by advanced users. It sets or returns the absolute ItemIdList of the current object. The returned pointer to an ItemIdList will be valid, until a new object was selected.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyStatic memberAsyncOperations
Activates asynchronous file operations executed via InvokeContextMenuCommand(ShellCommand).
Public propertyDefaultSortColumn
Get the default sort column of the currently selected ShellFolder.
Public propertyFileNameFormat
Specifies, whether filename are presented with file extensions or not. By default, this depends on the respective setting in Windows Explorer.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyFileSystemOnly
If FileSystemOnly is set to True, objects and virtual folders which do not have a file system path, will not be displayed. Exceptions are 'My Computer', 'Libraries' and 'Network'
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyFilter
You can use a single pattern, e.g. '*.doc' or concatenate several patterns using semicolons to separate them, e.g. '*.exe;*.com'.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyFilterFilesOnly
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Filter property applies to files only, but all folders are listed.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyFolder
Use Folder to specify the path of the folder, which should be browsed or to get the path that is currently active.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyFolderIdList
This property should only be used by advanced users. The returned ItemIdList has to be freed when it is not needed any more.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyFullPath
Gets or set the full path of the active object.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyHasSubFolders
Checks if the currently active object has subfolders.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyIconNumber
Use IconNumber to get the number of the icon for the current object.
Public propertyIsEnumerable
True if the currently active object is a folder and can be browsed.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyIsFolder
Can be used to query if the currently active object is a folder or not.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyItemIdList
Returns the relative ItemIdList of the current element in this instance.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyMultiObjects
Holds a list of files that serves as selection for some operations like showing the context menu.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyObjectName
Use ObjectName to specify the current object or to retrieve the file system name of the current object. A valid folder must be set, see FullPath and SpecialFolder
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyReadOnly
If set to 'true', context menu operations that make changes to the file system will not be executed.
Public propertySelectedIconNumber
Use SelectedIconNumber to get the number of the 'opened' icon for the current object.
Public propertyShowErrorMessages
If set to to 'true', error messages will be shown to the user. If set to 'false', error messages will be suppressed.
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyShowShellContextMenuOnTop
Decides if the shell context menu is added above or below the supplied ContextMenuStrip.
Public propertySpecialFolder
Get or set a special folder as the currently active folder
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertySpecialObject
Get or set a special object as the currently active object
(Inherited from ShellBrowserBase.)
Public propertyVersion
The current version of the ShellBrowser.
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