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ShellItemFilter Class

Provides filtering to the containing control.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Jam.Shell
Assembly:  ShellBrowser.Core (in ShellBrowser.Core.dll) Version: 7.1
public class ShellItemFilter : Component

The ShellItemFilter type exposes the following members.

Public methodShellItemFilter
Initializes a new instance of the ShellItemFilter class.
Public methodShellItemFilter(ShellBrowserBase)
Initializes a new instance of the ShellItemFilter class.
Public propertyFilePatternFilter
You can use a single pattern, e.g. '*.doc' or concatenate several patterns using semicolons to separate them, e.g. '*.exe;*.com'.
Public propertyFileSystemOnly
If FileSystemOnly is set to True, objects and virtual folders which do not have a file system path, will not be displayed.
Public propertyFilterRegex
Set this property to a regular expression if you want to only show those files that match the regex. This value also changes if the property FilePatternFilter is set.
Public propertyShowFiles
If set to true, files will be shown in the control. If set to false, files will not be visible in the control.
Public propertyShowFolders
The property ShowFolders allows you to include or hide the folders in the shell view.
Public propertyShowHidden
Is set to 'true', hidden elements will also be shown.
Public propertyShowNethood
If set to 'false', the Network Neighbourhood is not shown in the component, otherwise it is shown (the default value is true).
Public propertyShowRecycleBin
If set to true, the recycle bin will be visible. If set to false, the recycle bin will be hidden (the default value is true).
Protected methodIsIncluded
Main method that checks if the relativePidl is contained in the filter.
Public methodIsSet
Checks if a filter is set or if the Filter is at its default state.
Protected methodOnFilterChanged
Raises the FilterChanged event.
Public eventFilterChanged
Raised when one of the filter criteria was changed
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