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ShellSystemListItem Class

Represents an item of the Windows shell namespace in a ShellSystemList
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Jam.Shell
Assembly:  ShellBrowser (in ShellBrowser.dll) Version: 7.1
public class ShellSystemListItem : BaseShellItem

The ShellSystemListItem type exposes the following members.

Public methodShellSystemListItem(ItemIdList)
Construct a new item.
Public methodShellSystemListItem(ShellSystemList, ItemIdList, Int32)
Construct a new item.
Public propertyAbsoluteItemIdList
Get the absolute ItemIdList of the item.
(Inherited from BaseShellItem.)
Public propertyCaption
Get the caption of the ItemIdList this Item represents. Caption. This does not neccessarily represent the full filename of the item, instead refer to the FullPath property if this functionality is needed.
Public propertyCut
Defines if the item's image should be shown ghosted or not.
(Overrides BaseShellItemCut.)
Public propertyFullPath
Return the full path within the filesystem. This may be empty, if the item has no filesystem path.
(Inherited from BaseShellItem.)
Public propertyIndex
Get the index within the list
Public propertyItemIdList Obsolete.
Get the ItemIdList that specifies the item in the filesystem.
Public propertyOverlayImage
The index of the overlay image in the system image list that should be shown in front of the normal icon.
(Overrides BaseShellItemOverlayImage.)
Public propertyShellSystemList
Get the ShellSystemList view that this item is associated with.
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