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Win32ToolBar Events

The Win32ToolBar type exposes the following members.

Public eventAutoSizeChanged
Occurs when the value of the AutoSize property has changed.
Public eventBackColorChanged
Occurs when the BackColor property changes.
Public eventBackgroundImageChanged
Occurs when the BackgroundImage property changes.
Public eventBackgroundImageLayoutChanged
Occurs when the BackgroundImageLayout property changes.
Public eventButtonClick
Occurs when a Win32ToolBarButton on the Win32ToolBar is clicked.
Public eventButtonDropDown
Occurs when a drop-down style Win32ToolBarButton or its down arrow is clicked.
Public eventForeColorChanged
Occurs when the ForeColor property changes.
Public eventImeModeChanged
Occurs when the ImeMode property changes.
Public eventPaint
This member is not meaningful for this control.
Public eventRightToLeftChanged
Occurs when the RightToLeft property changes.
Public eventTextChanged
Occurs when the Text property changes.
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